Our Cremation Safeguards

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Cremation Service Options

Cremation allows for more choices than many families realize. We offer the widest range of service options and products in the area. In addition, our Cremation Safeguards ensure peace of mind when you need it most. Call today to talk with one of our caring staff at 203-288-0800.

We Oversee Every Step

When your loved one enters our care, you can know, rest assured, that we oversee and manage every part of the process, from dignified care and preparation at our location to documenting each step of the cremation.

Family Identification

Our staff will bathe and dress your loved one in the clothing provided by his or her family, or a gown we will provide. Then we ask that you, or a representative, positively identify the deceased prior to cremation.

Our Cremation Process

Our high standards require that two individuals review all cremation paperwork prior to cremation. This is to ensure that all authorizations have been received and properly completed. Once all documentation is veri­fied, both reviewers must sign a cremation order, to be completed prior to the cremation.

After The Cremation

After the cremation is complete, the cremated remains are placed into a crematory-provided container, or a selected urn. You will be presented with an Official Certificate of Cremation when you receive the remains that guarantees all the above steps have been followed.

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