MERIDEN - Frances J. Freeland, 51, of Wilbur Ave. died Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2004, at her residence. Born in Meriden on June 9, 1952, she was the daughter of Joseph and Anna Renkiewicz Boyko and the late Walter Beaudoin. She was employed as a per diem nurse for many area hospitals and was a devout member of Jehovah's Witnesses. Besides her mother and stepfather, she is survived by two sisters, Josie Beaudoin and Victoria Hyatt, both of Wethersfield; two brothers, Cliff Beaudoin of Plantsville and Paul Beaudoin of Endicott, NY. She is also survived by 2 nieces and a nephew, Nicole Cote of Granby, MA, Tiffany Beaudoin of Chicopee, MA and Jeremy Hyatt of Connecticut as well as many great nieces and nephews. A memorial service will be held Sat. Feb. 14, 2004 at 4 p.m. at Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, 410 Main St., South Meriden, CT. Arrangements are under the direction of the Beecher and Bennett Flatow Funeral Home, 48 Cook Ave., Meriden.

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  1. Aunt Fran … Loving you was always so easy to do .. You were as i will always rememeber the comedian of the family ..never a dull moment when you were around, evryhting was ajoke or a snappy remark. but at the same time yu could be serious and honest with me with no worries.. Im glad for all our talks. i wish so we had more time together.. more laughs and more of you period. i love you dearly and will never ever forget you and your smiling face.. Its funny on our way home wednesday from being with the family i felt something touch my left shoulder like a hand on my shoulder..thinking it was my son at first i looked back and the feeling was gone.. i knew at that moment it was you comforting me and letting me know that everything would be fine and that you are at peace now.. as you so much were not in life you are now in death .. you will always be my angel .. luv nicky as anyone can see i have so many enries here because i am having a really hard time with the loss of my aunt..a light in my life that i cannot let go ofnor do i want to … this gives me a place to express my feelings for her and whatever i may be thinking… i hope that noone is tired of reading my entries.. i loved my aunt fran very much and will forever miss her with a very heavy heart.. Please take my aunt Josie\’s advice as well live for today tommorrow may not come ..

  2. Aunt Fran… Here it is almost 2 months now since we lost you, and ohhh how the tears still flow. i made memorial pictures with a poem for you which is hanging right where i can see you everyday forthe rest of my life.. my heart still aches so much so each day how i wish i couldcall you up or try to call and remember that i can\’t your not there.. i miss talking to you about everything .. only god knows why you needed to leave us but did it have tobe with so much pain for all of us.. i am having a real hard time since your death im hoping that it was a dream (i know in my heart that it wasn\’t) i willl however cherish every day every moment that we did have together….. miss you love you nicky

  3. dear aunt fran .. its hard to beleive we have been without you for a year now.. for me the tears still flow occassionally, how i so miss picking up the phone to call and just shoot the breeze myheart still aches for you so much .. For me death has hit close to me again twice this year my best freind from high school and seans godfather 2 great loses but none greater than yours.. my love for you will carry on I love you and miss you dearly . xoxoxoxoxoxox nicky

  4. Dear Frances Jean, I will always cherish your dry, sarcastic sense of humor and the many laughs we shared whenever we got together. Pam and I sincerely hope you have found that .unconditional love. you so yearned for now that you\’re in a better place. We\’re just sad that you could not see, here on earth, that many others loved you so. Your brother, Paul.

  5. Dearest aunt fran… a year and a half now hard to beleive… so hard still for me to pick up the phone to call and remember you are not there.. it still hurts me greatly to know you are gone.. how i so much want you back even for jsut one more day yes i know a little selfish .. but i still want my aunt in my life the one i could talk to about anything and she’d listen give advice or not .. i love you so much ..

  6. IF TEARS COULD If tears could build a stairway and memories were a lane. i would walk right up to heaven to bring you home again. No farewell words were spoken. No time to say good-bye. You were gone before we knew it and only god knows why. My heart still aches in sadness and secret tears still flow. what it meant to lose you noone will ever know….

  7. My Dearest Aunt fran I love you and miss you so much it hurts. You should not have left us so soon.. I Find my self asking why .. My heart breaks for you .. I will miss our little conversations about this and that and your compliments.. and your very famous words to me .Im so very proud of you . those words will live with me forever .. i love you and miss you your niece nicole….

  8. Sad! sad! sad! along with anger … and a huge void.How I wished I could have .fixed. you.!!!!….Impossible.!!!!!… I look forward to a time when I can have the .old. Fran in my life again.You were once my .favorite. and I want that back….all things are possible. with our Creator Jehovah.I look forward to greeting you again…along with seeing and hearing the .gifts. that made you so endearing before your life did a .u-turn….

  9. To all her family and friends, I would like to share my fondest memory of Fran. We first met when I had a screamimg baby in the highchair,refusing to eat her breakfast and Frannie took it to heart{literally} all over her clothing.Fran had come to my door preaching the word for Jehovia.I was so frustrated at the time,I just said YES! come in and sit down,I\’ll be right with you.Not knowing what she was presenting,I allowed her to speak.Well ,we differed in her interpretation of her understanding, but agreed to follow up at a later date.This went on for a year or so.We ended up still disagreeing with our beliefs but remained friends from that day forth.Who knew I would end up marrying her brother some 26yrs later.

  10. We are so very saddened by the news of our friend .frannie. Our thoughts and our prayers are with your family, remembering that very soon death, pain and sorrow will all be things of the past. Sincerely Michael & Angela Charest

  11. When I think of Fran, a HUGE swirl of memories and emotions circulate themselves in and out of my mind and heart simultaneously: Our childhood – with her constant mishaps (like falling off swings or porches), her fighting spirit (I think she came out of the womb with her fists clenched), her .take no prisoners. defense of her older sister when the neighborhood bully came calling, or how she\’d .best the boys. if she felt she had to. She was such a tomboy. And she carried her tomboy attitudes into her adolescence as often as she carried the toy gun when we\’d play .Army. in the brush and backyards of Yale Avenue. One of my best memories of Fran was when she started going out with boys…how I\’d try to watch her inconspicuously as she tried to master the art of putting on mascara – wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the mirror (it would always make me laugh because she was so .not girlie. – she\’d rather carry a baseball bat than a mascara wand, but the boys seemed to line up anyway.) And then we entered young adulthood as roomates and as close as sisters could be. I saw her as someone who was fiercely independent, unwavering in what she wanted, decisive, and always the first one to put her foot over the threshold (whether she was opening the door to enter .the Truth,. marriage, or a new experience.) She could be very quick-witted and quite funny, and her sense of humor was truly her own. Like they say, .Those were the days.. And while her life has come to a finality, its .those days. that I\’ll choose to remember because, while they were both .the best of times and the worst of times,. they were times we shared as sisters and, like Fran, they were unique and individual. I truly hope that with Jehovah\’s grace and mercy, she will see what she\’s always wanted to: His glorious New World where he has promised .to make all things new….where she will have the opportunity to worship Jehovah in a world that is not filled with the pressures, encumbrances and weaknesses that make life today so difficult. It sounds so cliche, but it really is true: Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is promised to no one. Today is a gift…that\’s why they call it .the present.. Therefore: 1. Love each other as much as you can (without harm to yourself). 2. Try and find joy in the smallest things (even if you can\’t find it in the larger things, and remember 3. You DO make a difference. Love you, Fran…

  12. It was back in the early 1970’s when we met Fran. We all were so young…but recognized the love of Jehovah & His promises. Fran was a character…I remember having dinners together & laughing. Her eyes just beaming! Life goes on & situations change.

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