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gabriela hudak
Gabriela Adriana Hudak, 12, of Hamden passed away on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at Yale New Haven Hospital. Daughter of Joseph S. and Adriana Pastorova Hudak, she was born in New Haven on December 8, 2000. In addition to her parents, she is survived by her sister, Maximiliana Laska Hudak, grandparents Bozena and Jan Pastor, aunts, Lisa Filarsky and Monika Pastorova, uncles John Filarsky, Jan Pastor and Peter Hudak and cousins Robert Pastor, Monika Pastorova and Christian, Dylan and Steven Hudak. Gabriela was a free spirit, adventurous and special in every way. Perfect. Pure and innocent. She loved music and dancing and swimming. She'd swim anywhere - a pool, the ocean, a lake - loved to be in the water (unless it was a bathtub). She loved Italy and was learning Italian (she was also fluent in Slovak). She played the saxophone. Gabriela was kind and enjoyed helping children at school who didn't learn as quickly as she did. She loved people and animals and nature. On her last morning she took a hike with her mother and sister, Laska, and was amazed at how beautiful everything was. She never took the beauty around her for granted but experienced it continually as if for the first time. Gabriela had energy and was always in motion, moving, moving, moving - or singing songs with the radio - and whatever song played, she knew it. She invented dances - crazy dances that made people laugh. He mother Adriana would always ask Gabriela, 'Do that dance again - you know, the one where you move like this...' And she'd do it. Though she never took formal dance lessons, the 'dance' was in her and she couldn't help it. When she heard the music, she had to dance - or sing - or both. She had great hair - goldilocks. She liked to wear loud, colorful socks that didn't match. And lemons, my goodness, lemons to Gabriela were the best. She couldn't get enough of lemons, lemon zest, lemon candy, lemon cake, lemonade, lemon fragrance. But green was her favorite color. I suppose a lemon with a green peel was, for Gabriela, God's most exquisite creation. Her sister Laska was her closest friend and confidant, though the two of them couldn't have been more different. Laska liked art and writing and taking moments through the day to slow down or reflect or take a break. Gabriela was a scientist (as early as second grade she knew she wanted to be a neurosurgeon) and had to keep moving and was fearless. Laska might say to her sister, 'You've got to be more careful.' Gabriela would say: 'Don't boss me around - you're not my mother!' Well, even if she was, it wouldn't have made a difference. Once Gabriela made up her mind, that was it. No one could change it. She loved her father, Joseph, and both Adriana and Laska agreed that 'As far as Gabriela was concerned, dad could do no wrong.' In any argument or dispute, she always took her father's side. She was her father's strongest advocate. As for baths or brushing teeth or cleaning up, they were just too time-consuming and needless for Gabriela. There were always more urgent and exciting things to do. 'Gabriela wasn't interested in baths or brushing her teeth, ' Adriana said. 'She'd rather be stinky and do other things.' But wherever she was, at home or on trips, Pepe went with her. Pepe, her blanket from her earliest years, was her most precious possession. Laska said, 'That blanket didn't smell that great, but Gabriela would take it in both hands and press it to her face and inhale deeply and say, 'Ahhhhhh...' ' Gabriela loved her aunt and uncle, Lisa and John - loved to go with them to the mall and eat junk food and shop. Her favorite song was 'Home' by Phillip Phillips. Which is where she is now. She has gone to another home, and our lives will continue to be enriched by the vivid memories, the dances and songs and the tremendous love that Gabriela shared the twelve years she was with us. A Memorial Service will be held on Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 2:00 PM at Dunbar United Church of Christ, 419 Dunbar Hill Rd., Hamden. Rev. George Manukus will officiate. Arrangements are in care of BEECHER & BENNETT, 2300 Whitney Ave., Hamden.

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  1. .Dear Adriana,My heart,soul and condolences goes out to you and your family in this moment of sorrow.If theres anything that i can do for you and the family please do not hesitate to contact me.. Your friend, Rodney*

  2. .May you find the strength to get through this. I can not imagine what you are going through! What a beautiful sweet little girl.. My son Robert had just met Gabby this year what an inspiration she was to Robert there was not a day the two didnt talk everything was Gabby she made him laugh and smile.. she is so missed by Robert! I am so sorry for your loss thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  3. Adriana, My heart is breaking. I miss you and want to hug you. I am thinking about you and crying with you. I will forever remember Gabriela’s beautiful smile and sunny personality. She was a perfect little girl. I am so sorry I couldn’t get to the service Sunday. I will see you soon. We will hike the giant like old times. Gabriela and Sophia will look upon us and smile. Love you my friend, Jennifer

  4. Dear Adriana, We are Jennifer Wilson’s parents. We only met you once in Hamden. Our hearts ache for you and your family suffering such a terrible loss. You had twelve great years of being blessed with Gabiela’s presence. Memories of those years will stay with you and uphold you. Words cannot say enough. We send our love and prayers.

  5. Dear Joseph, since the other day when I met you as a client, I am continuing to keep you and your family in my prayers. My women’s Bible study group also offered prayers for you today. May all your wonderful memories be a source of comfort to you and may God bless and keep you in his care. Sincerely, Rita (Dobransky) Wilhelm – East Lansing, Michigan

  6. Gabby will be missed. My son Anthony was friends with her, the did the Hurricane relief fund together at Dunbar. Anthony will miss her very much. I am so sorry for your loss….we had just sent her a bear to the hospital because Anthony said, .This will make her better.. She was an angel and now she is a true angel. The Martini Family has your family in their thoughts and prayers. Your daughter was loved by many!

  7. Gabby, Sean and family will miss you very much, we send our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones. May God Bless you and our hearts go out to you all. Sean Gonzalez, friend, West Haven CT

  8. Gabriela will live on in every beautiful memory she left to treasure. Everytime you need to feel her, just put your hand over your heart, because she will always be there. Love you!

  9. Hello Hudak family. My name is nick Jacques and I have heard of the sad loss of your daughter, Gabriela. I never really knew her but I knew Max from the naval sea cadets. I’m so sorry I didn’t make the service. I didn’t know of it or what was going on until last night. I myself was very upset to hear the news of her passing. These next few days for me are going to he tough. But not as tough for your family and Gabriela’s friends. I want to let you know I give my heart out to your family for the loss of such a wonderful young woman. God bless your family. Just know Gabriel’s is in my heart as well as your family. God bless you all. If you can, may you respond to me at

  10. I did not know Gabby, but after reading about her, she reminds me so much of my own daughter. My deepest condolences to her family and friends. Every child is a treasure and she is now Heaven’s treasure. God Bless you all.

  11. Max, My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for your devastating loss. Be brave, big sister. love to you and your family, Crystal LaVoie, Lyman Hall teacher and mother of Matt LaVoie, fellow USNSCC Cadet

  12. May you all take comfort in the knowledge that your daughter was the light of so many lives. Her beauty & spirit is reflected and lives on in the many memories her friends & family carry with them. My daughter Reilly has known Gabby since Dunbar Hill & TAG Program and they went on to share all of their classes together this yr @ HMS. Reilly recounts nothing but funny, sweet things about your beautiful daughter and is deeply saddened to have lost such a fantastic, generous friend. Our hearts ache for all of you. We pray that you find strength to endure the many long days ahead & that friends & family will be there to lift you up whenever you need it. Sincerely, The Slavin Family Jennifer, Brian, Reilly & Ryan

  13. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Hudak family. I met the family when my daugther attended Dunbar with Laska & had become good friends years ago. I remember Gabby being full of life and that smile just lit up everyone around her. You wil be sadly missed. God bless always.

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