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John Henry Lassiter, Sr at the age of 78, passed away peacefully on January 24, 2013 while recovering from postoperative complications at the Connecticut Hospice in Branford, Connecticut. He was born June 9, 1934, in Waterbury, CT to John Henry Lassiter and Mary Douglas. John owned and operated Medi-Kleen, Inc., a successful maintenance company in the tri-state area for more than 40 years. His main passion was to fly and he received his pilot license in 1969. He served as an Auxiliary State Trooper with the Bethany Troop B during the 1960's. He was a Sergeant in the Air Force during the Korean War where he served in the Special Services, responsible for the transportation of a nuclear centrifuge and was a decorated hero for discovering espionage activities. John married his beloved wife, Margaret Norman Lassiter, in Cardiff, Wales, on June 25, 1955. They were happily and devotedly betrothed for 57 years and raised their 5 beautiful children, John Henry Lassiter, Jr., Irving Hadyn Lassiter, Cheryl Anne Lassiter-Edwards, Craig Lassiter, and Jason Lassiter, in Woodbridge, CT. His interests included family, computers, military paraphernalia, root beer and blueberry muffins, privacy, and fixing things for others to help them. He spent his life dedicated to his wife, children and his grandchildren so that they might thrive and prosper. Mr. Lassiter is survived by his wife, Margaret Lassiter, by his brother Marshall, by his children, John, Irving, Cheryl, Craig, and Jason Lassiter, and his 9 grandchildren, Rachel, Adam, Jason, Blake, Aikikko, Jessica, Haley, Kate and Hannah. He was preceded in death by his brothers Irving and Nelson, and sisters Shirley Branch and Mary Brewster. A service will be held on Monday January 28, 2013 with viewing and family visitation between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM followed by a Military Service at Beecher & Bennett, 2300 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT; with cremation to follow. Memorial donations are appreciated to the CT Hospice of Branford, 100 Double Beach Road, Branford, CT. Thank you to CT Hospice for the wonderful care provided, with a special note of thanks to nurses Shannon, Mary and Nancy, and to Larry his wonderful CNA. Another special thanks to the nurses at YNHH Saint Raphael Hospital-- Pat, Asha and Claudio, and to a special supportive person Jeannetta.

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  1. Goodbye Uncle Johnny, I will miss you. It seems that whenever we would meet, you would show me your latest high tech gadget and ask me to explain how it worked, always with a twinkle in your eye! I know that you were always fully aware how they worked but that you were just making me feel helpful. Rest In Peace, Love Carl and Emma.

  2. Goodbye Uncle Johnny, I will miss you. It seems that whenever we would meet, you would show me your latest high tech gadget and ask me to explain how it worked, always with a twinkle in your eye! I know that you were always fully aware how they worked but that you were just making me feel helpful. Rest In Peace, Love Carl and Emma.

  3. Grampy, I love you so much and I miss you more and more each day. I’m so sorry I wont be there tomorrow but just know I am there as much as I can be. I’m glad I was able to go home and say goodbye to you when I did. You’ll always be in my heart and words cant describe how much you mean to me. I love you always and until we meet again. xoxo

  4. Hi Dad, I love and miss you. The journey was long but I know you are at peace now. When the night has come And the land is dark And the moon is the only light we’ll see No I won’t be afraid Oh, I won’t be afraid Just as long as you stand, stand by me

  5. I always enjoyed your company when you and Jeana came to visit. I’ll never forget you John, you’ll always be in my heart and memory. Rest in Peace John, Love Barbara and Family xxx

  6. I am so sorry for your loss, I know John will be sorely missed. May he rest in peace knowing how much he was loved.

  7. To jeana and family,deepest sympathy on your sad loss,gone but not forgotten,r.i.p shirley and family.

  8. We didnt see you often enough Uncle Johnny but when we did you were always fun to be around. I remember doing the twist with you at Traceys wedding (5 years ago) and you held your heart and said you were too old to do the twist but you did it anyway and we enjoyed every minute. We will think of you with much love and fondness x

  9. We will always have very fond memories of John. From the Sunday roasts at the Treherne Arms to the Motor Show in the bay. But by far the most memorable time spent with John was when we visited Big Pit here in the heart of the Welsh vallies. {} John was genuinely touched by the horrendous conditions endured by the Welsh miners to bring us Black Gold (coal). John was always very inquisitive and took a real interest in everything. Accompanied with a cheeky sense of humor and that naughty giggle you will be remembered by us with great warmth and love. RIP

  10. You will sadly missed and fondly remembered by your friends in your adopted country. A special thank you for your friendship with Bob. Nos Dda (Goonight) Bob Elaine and her family x x

  11. Dear Dad, you were an excellent provider and role model. I learned everything positive in my life from you. Honesty and hard work, no one owes you anything, you have to earn it. I started working with you when I was 8 and continued until early in my college years. You were a great father and gave me all the tools, and left the rest up to me. When I was 40 I called you one day and decided to tell you something many people never get a chance to say. That all the times you gave me advice and I didn’t listen, I was wrong and you were right, relax now we will take care of mom.

  12. Jeana, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. The Lord will look after you and your family during this time of need. Johnny was a fine gentleman. Love Agnes (Johnny & Jeana’s friend from Cardiff.)

  13. Life began when you chose me to be your Tiger Bay girl. I was too young at first to know how lucky I was that Jehovah had brought you into my life but it wasnt that long for me to realize that I had been blessed to meet a very honest principled and loving man. I was everything to you and you constantly told me that I was the most important person in your life. I was No. 1. We travelled the world in the finest of style and had the best holidays ever with our children and grandchildren. We made numerous trips to Wales and you were never happier than when you were there. How can I live without you God will determine that. You were my first and my last so RiP my darling until God calls us to meet again after the resurrection promised through the death of his son Jesus. I wish I could go with you but this is one trip we must make alone. With pain in my heart I will love you forever Margaret xxxx

  14. Margeret and Family Thinking Of You All At This Very Sad Time Sending All My Love. My Thoughts And Prayers Are With You All. With Love From Cardiff.

  15. To my dear grandfather, we all love and miss you. I will never forget the vacation that you took myself and my cousins on to Pennsylvania with Nannie. It was one of the best times of my life and I’ll never forget the fun times we shared. Gone by body but not by spirit, we all love you grampie.

  16. To My Grandfather, John Henry Lassiter, grampie, You were always a role model to me. I respected you as a man who earned his own keep with the sweat off his brow. A man whom shared freely without ever asking for anything in return. I appreciated the love and hospitality you showed to my family and me. With all my love and condolences, I hope that you have found peace and enjoyed the times we have shared. Very Respectfully Your Grandson Blake Lassiter

  17. To my Uncle Johnny Thinking of you with treasured, happy memories, from a very young age I considered you to be very cool and funny. You were also very kind and caring, I’ll never forget the fabulous 6 weeks we spent in your home when I was 11. You made it so very special, along with my lovely Auntie Jeana. I was so excited when I saw you again at my nieces wedding, you were as handsome as ever! If there is a heaven, you will be there. All my love, your niece

  18. You may not have been the most open person, nor the nicest, and you may not have known how to share an emotion that you so desperately craved; but you did share it. We all know how much you loved us, and we know you continue to love us as we continue to love you. As you move on to whatever may come next, know that you left no ill emotions behind you and instead took with you the love a family who will forever miss you. We miss you Grampie. One day, we will all be joining you with a glass of root beer in hand, so keep it cold for us until then. I love you Grampie. Rest in Peace John Henry Lassiter Sr. (January 24, 2013)

  19. Dear Cheryl, So very sorry to learn of the loss of your dad, the prayers and thoughts of my sister and I are with you and your family. My mom passed just a few days before your father, she too was at CT. Hospice in Branford and received wonderful care the same as your dad. Take care and may the wonderful memories you have of your father bring you comfort and joy in the days to come. With sincere condolences, Mark Hamilton

  20. And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water,that bringeth forth his fruit in his season:his leaf also shall not wither: and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. My dear Brother Henry. My closest Brother from our Mothers womb.You were a good Brother,Son Husband,Father,Grandfather,Uncle and friend. You did so many good things for people, you will be missed greatly. May God count your good deeds unto Righteousness. Rest till we meet again. Your Brother Marshall Your Nephew Scott Your Niece Stacey

  21. Jeanna thinking of you and your family at this sad time. Always in our thoughts and prayers. God bless Love Karen & Vera Battle

  22. I found John to be John to be an interesting, humorous, generous and warm hearted person who always took a great interest in what was going on. I looked forward to his visits to the UK, making sure I always had his favourite drink in stock, Schweppes Ginger Ale, and was saddened when it was time for him to leave. I am grateful for the good life and family he provided to my cousin Jeana (Margaret), he will be greatly missed. June Lyons

  23. Hi Dad We are coming up on the 14th, the day everything went south. I think of you every day and I know that given the choices we had, you are in the best place. God be with you, love and miss you, Cheryl

  24. John I miss you every second of every hour of every day. I sleep with your sweater, I kiss your pictures, I cry without warning and I yearn for your embrace and the strength you gave me to get through each day. Only the person with the pain understands the pain. Each one’s pain can’t be measured by any one else’s. Every thing I see, hear or touch brings a pain in my heart. I could have never imagined such pain in my life. God will bring me through it as he does everyone else, life seems to go on but I doubt the quality. I pray and pray for the resurrection and pray and both you and I will be found worthy to be a part of it so that I can stay eternally with you. Forever in my heart mind and sould, Your Marg xxx

  25. my earliest memories of John was not long after he married my sister marg. at the time they were living on brise norton air base in england. i spent a couple of summers there as a kid used to love the fact they had his big airforce chest on the porch of the trailer & they would stock it with huge blocks of ice with real propper bottles of pepsi coming from tiger bay i never got to see that. years later john & my sister invited me over to join them in the u.s.a. he got me a job helped me get my first car & basically set me on the right track i was still somewhat of a rebel but if not for his influence & knowledge i probably would not be where i am today. we had our share of ups & downs more ups than downs and it was for my own good as i look back on it now. he was one of the most kind hearted men you could wish to meet even now i cant believe hes gone & i know its very hard for my sister but be assured he will never be forgotten. r.i.p. brother-in-law may we meet again

  26. Missing someone isn’t about how long it’s been since you’ve seen them last or the amount of time since you talked with them. It’s about that very moment when you’re doing something and you wish that he was right there with you. I miss and love you very much Hannah Lassiter

  27. My grandfather was a spectacular man. I miss always giving him a kiss whenever we’d meet, at the time I never realized how precious those kisses were. Though about a year has gone by, Grampie will always be in my thoughts. Though gone, he will never be forgotten by myself or any of those who loved him. Rest in peace Grampie, we all love you.

  28. Hi Dad Mom and I didn’t sleep last night, as we remembered your passing around 3:30 AM one year ago today. My memory is certainly quite different to Mom’s but I recall being with you daily at Hospice, and on the 23rd of January sitting with you playing the music I knew you liked. I watched as your rigid and tense body became relaxed, sinking lower into the bed, further and further with each song, and thought to myself he is letting go, he is finally relaxing. You went through so much Dad, no one should have had to endure what you did, nor the pain of Mom watching and hoping that you would come back to her. As Adam, myself and eventually Mom whispered to you that it was OK to let go, and that we will be OK, you found the release you needed to move forward. Mom feels she has been robbed of being with you at your last breath, but I know that is not what you would have wanted. ‘You went your way and in your time’ as you always did everything, and something you certainly passed onto me. We had our differences throughout the years there is no doubt, and sadly, prolonged periods of time passed where we didn’t speak, but I would never trade our moments together on December 12, 2013. That night at St. Rays was our way and in our time. PS: You would be so proud of Jason and Jessica Dad, while nothing positive could possibly have come from your passing, you would be amazed at the strength, stamina and success I have been able to see in both of them. I also hope and pray Mom will begin to allow herself to live, you would not want her to be the way she has been for the last year. Be in peace Dad Love always Cheryl

  29. TO MY ROCK It is almost a year since we have been apart and My Rock the pain hasn’t subsided. 58 years is like a whole lifetime but it wasn’t enough to have been with you. You gave me everything a woman could want. Five beautiful children, 9 grandchildren, a very good life, travelling to wonderful places I could have only dreamed of. You protected me every step of our journey together. You were My Rock. The emotions I feel are like the movements of the ocean. Sometimes tranquil and sometimes like a horrendous storm. I am lonely, sad, angry, bitter, depressed, tears flowing at will and out of control. There is nothing that comes close to the pain I feel daily and the most frustrating thing is that no matter how bad I feel, how hard I cry or how lonely I feel nothing is going to change because you aren’t coming back to me. I can only hope now that you will be remembered by Jehovah in the resurrection, and that I myself will be deemed worthy enough to join you in the New System of things where we can continue our journey together throughout eternity. I loved you from the first time we met and will forever. My last words to you at night were ‘I love you Johnny Lassiter’ and you would answer ‘love you too’. I miss you so much. My Rock. Your ever loving, wife and friend. Margaret

  30. My father was one of the smartest men I ever knew. I learned nearly everything that was really important from him. He led by example, he talked the talk then walked the walk. Honest as the day was long and always willing to reach out a helping hand to anyone in need. I have never met a person that did not like my father or ever spoke ill of him. When I hit the age of 40, I looked back on my life. I realized that my father, during my youth,and I often disagreed. I was young and I was going to do it my way. In retrospect he had been right and I had been wrong every time. I called him that day and told him this and made my peace with him and admitted he had been right all along. I will miss his wisdom and courage for the rest of my life. Love always your son Craig

  31. How can you mend a broken heart, how can a loser ever win, how can you stop the tears from falling that makes my world go aroud

  32. Dearest John, Birthday memories are with you today. It would have been so lovely to have been able to phone you to wish you a Happy Birthday. You will be thought of today by us here in the UK. Fondest memories, Martin & June

  33. Dear Cheryl, So very sorry to learn of the loss of your dad, the prayers and thoughts of my sister and I are with you and your family. My mom passed just a few days before your father, she too was at CT. Hospice in Branford and received wonderful care the same as your dad. Take care and may the wonderful memories you have of your father bring you comfort and joy in the days to come. With sincere condolences, Mark Hamilton

  34. Hi Dad We are coming up on the 14th, the day everything went south. I think of you every day and I know that given the choices we had, you are in the best place. God be with you, love and miss you, Cheryl

  35. At approximately 3:am on Jan 24 2 years ago you passed away. You gave me 5 beautiful children, 9 grandchildren and if you were here now you would be seeing a great-granddaughter from Rachel. The number of stars in the heavens don’t even come close to the tears I shed. I wear a mask daily and really try to move on but I am finding it harder and not easier. When you were here I feared nothing because you always managed to put things right; now I live in fear of one thing or another. Maybe I leaned on you too much but I loved you for so long and I miss you R.I.P my one and only love Your wife Margaretxxxx

  36. We don’t need a special day to remember you John, because you are remembered with affection constantly throughout the year. Very fond memories prevail. X Martin & June

  37. Hey brother-in-law can’t believe its 2 yrs already. we were at your house on Christmas Day but it wasn’t the same without your smiling face & your quirky comments. You came from nowhere & made a life for my sister & your family you had your ups & downs but you were there when anyone needed you. My memories of you go back to my hitchhiking days. I can remember you coming downstairs one day when I had just got back from California I was crashed out on the floor in the den & I can still hear you calling out Marg your brothers here you better throw him in the shower god knows what kind of diseases or lice he picked up on his travels. That was just one of the funny moments I shared with you there were more but I also remember you putting me on the right track when it came to work. I cant think of any man I know that worked as many hrs & as hard as you did to get what you wanted. I respect you for that & I respect you for all you did for me. I know its hard for Marg but I know that you know how much she loved you. I miss you Brother- in- Law & holidays are not the same without you, hopefully one day we’ll meet again. Until then you Rest in Peace. One Love One Bay. Bless.

  38. Hi Dad well what a weekend, you have a new great granddaughter, her name is Nora, named after the great aunt you loved so much in Cardiff. She is going to be every bit as feisty and fun to be around as Aunt Nora, I am sure of it. We all miss you, mom is struggling the most and trying to keep it together but each day brings more challenge and not less pain. She is 80 this year can you believe it? It would have been your 60th wedding anniversary. I try to keep things afloat for mom but it is also getting harder and harder, all we can do is pray that each day gets better. Love always, Cheryl

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