In the Hospital of St. Raphael , Feb. 28, 2007, Mary Lou Vitale Cohen, 70, of West Walk, West Haven and formerly of Paradise Ave., Hamden, wife of the late Morris E. Cohen, mother of Mark Cohen of Naugatuck, sister of Stanley Vitale and his wife, Linda of Wallingford, Nicholas Vitale and his wife Connie of Hamden, Robert Vitale and his wife, Mary of Hamden, Frederick Vitale and his wife, Sharyn of Wallingford, Antonio Vitale of Reno, NV and grandmother of Preston and Tyler Cohen of Naugatuck. Also survived by several nieces, nephews and very good friends, Alex and Carmel Ferraro of Hamden. Mary Lou was born in New Haven June 10, 1936 , daughter of the late Nicholas and Antoinette Meneo Vitale. Mary Lou lived her life to the fullest and her greatest passion was always her family, friends and her faith. She worked as a bookkeeper for Plasticrete Corp.. For the past 30 years she has been the bookkeeper at the family owned business, Cohen's Key Shop, Inc. She was very active at Ascension Church in Hamden , where she was an executive board member, Past President, VP and Treasurer of the Ladies Guild and was past director of the Ascension CYO. Mary Lou was a member of Ascension Church finance board of the Parish Council. In 2000 she was presented with a 'Certificate of Recognition' at the Annual Award for Outstanding Service by the Parish Council of Ascension Church which was held at St. Joseph 's Cathedral in Hartford . Mary Lou also was active in many organizations including Hamden Jaycee Wives where she was past president, VP, secretary and treasurer, active member of the board of Savin Rock Condo Assoc., where she oversaw the operation of the pool and clubhouse rentals, treasurer of the Hillhouse High School Class of 1954 reunion committee and former member of Bowl-Mars Bowling League. Her other interests included traveling to England, Ireland, Alaska, Italy, Aruba, Disney World, Las Vegas and her 50th wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii. She had fond memories of her summers at Lake Zoar, boating, water skiing, and her winters in Vermont skiing and snowmobiling and enjoyed her trips to Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods. Funeral procession will leave from BEECHER & BENNETT, 2300 Whitney Ave. , Hamden , at 10:00 a.m.Tues., March 6. A Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated in the Church of the Ascension at 1050 Dunbar Hill Rd. Hamden at 10:30 a.m. Family and friends may call Monday, March 5 from 4-8 p.m. Entombment will be in St. Lawrence Mausoleum. In lieu of flowers contributions in her memory may be made to the Father Michael J. McGivney Center for Cancer Care, 1450 Chapel St. , New Haven, CT 06511, Ladies Guild of the Church of the Ascension, 1050 Dunbar Hill Rd., Hamden, CT 06514 or to the charity of ones choice.

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  1. A REASON-A SEASON-A LIFETIME-AN ETERNITY A famous poem once said. people come into our life- for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When Marylou came into ALL of our lives, For some it was a reason- For some it was a season- But for most of us it was a lifetime. A Lifetime filled with- LOVE, COMPASSION, FRIENDSHIP, LAUGHTER, CELEBRATION And yes of course some challenges, tears and pain. But one thing was always certain wherever Marylou went- There was an unselfish, undying commitment and dedication- To her family – her friends – her church – her god. Helping all those she could along the way, Often to her own detriment. – Unselfishly giving. The sign of a true family leader. We will remember all the good times, great laughs, and hugs and kisses. We honor her and give tribute to her. She deserves that and more. She will walk with me eternally. For to live on in the hearts and souls and minds of those she has left behind, Is not to die – But to LIVE ETERNALLY. My walk with Marylou always has been – and always will be ETERNAL Until we meet again – Marylou Thank you for being a part of our lives, whether you were a reason, a season, a lifetime or an eternity. Love, Health, Prosperity and God Speed Gary

  2. As she was there for us all, she be there watching us day by day. We will miss her but carry her with us. She might not be here but she is not gone. Her spirit will carry on. But one thing I do know is that she would want us to live life to fullest,love and be loved. She is definitly unforgetable.

  3. CALLED BY NAME She was the only daughter, Firstborn of five, Must learn quickly how To protect and provide. She was chosen by God, A warrior, called by name, To serve and spread the Word, To comfort, heal, and tame. Recognized by the church For her undying desire To serve, and inspire. Secretly admired! Worthy of trust, Honorably wed. Loyal friend and wife, Who meant what she said! Mother of one, Her red haired son. Blessed, cherished, And so much fun! Mark and his bride, Gave her twenty years of pride, Brought joy of all joys, Two more little boys. Eagle Scout, performer, Many plays and songs, Her grandsons they were, They could do no wrong. Oh! What pride As she shared in their lives, Bragging, boasting, So much love inside! She was Ma, Mary Lou, Sis Auntie, Nanny and wife, Reunited with The love of her life!! Now taken Home By the Almighty One, It’s ok; her work here is done! Lovingly created by Janice and Preston Cohen

  4. Eulogy-March 6, 2007 It’s an honor and a privilege to be here today celebrating Mary Lou Cohen’s life. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Robert Vitale Jr., Mary Lou’s nephew. As you well know, Mary Lou was the loving matriarch of the Vitale/Mineo clan. That maternal strength was given across generations; as a devoted daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, God-mother, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, cousin, great-aunt and friend. Mary Lou was a precious gift and a blessing. Mary Lou was the oldest of 6 children. With 5 younger, shall we say, spirited brothers, she quickly learned that she would have to keep them in line. She was always there for them, no matter what and they in turn were there for her. As with all traditional Italian families, fathers didn’t like anyone who tried to date their daughter. Mary Lou was known as the -queen- by her father; A nickname that her brothers teased her about often. Nevertheless, they understood their father’s expectation-to protect their only sister. Whenever she went out on a date, the rule was she had to take one of her brothers with her. Freddy, nine years her junior was often chosen to be the chaperone. While growing up, she always stuck up for her brother Nicky. He had a talent for getting into a little too much mischief. One day in particular he ended up taking the blame for his sister’s actions. Every week, Mary Lou took Nicky for dance lessons. One day, she made other plans. Unbeknownst to Nick, she decided to run away to get married. Nicky caught hell from his father for letting her get away. Mary Lou’s oldest brother Sonny loved when she came to watch him play drums in his band when they were teenagers. Being the two oldest they often hung out together. Mary Lou’s youngest brother, Tony spent a lot of time with Mary Lou growing up. One year on a vacation trip to Lake George, with their good friends The Ferraro’s, the adults planned a night out. The plan was to put the kids to bed early and head out to party. But 6 yr old Tony wasn’t tired at all. He wanted to party too. So, from the bungalow porch, he pitifully yelled, -Mary Lou!! Mary Lou!!- until she came back. He thought for sure she’d cave and take him with her. But there was no partying for little Tony that night-she put his butt back into bed. This past January, Mary Lou stayed with her brother Bobby and sister-in-law Mary. Mary Lou had a hard time sleeping so they stayed up late having -pajama parties-. They sat around the table talking, and laughing until all hours of the night. She often played referee to the bickering Bobby and Mary. Ironically, Mary Lou always sat at the head of the table, the seat that only Bobby occupied. What’s more surprising is that he didn’t say a word, he just took another seat. For his sister, he’d give up anything. Aunt Mary Lou and I shared a very special relationship that was extraordinary. Not only was she my aunt, she was one of the people responsible for raising me. My father, brother and I lived at 351 Paradise Avenue with Aunt Mary Lou, Uncle Moe and Mark most of my childhood. Just downstairs from us were my Aunt Jean and my cousins, John, Steven, Teresa, and Stanley. Aunt Mary Lou was the closest thing I had to a mother for many years. Summers were spent at Lake Zoar. It was an endless party with music and laughter from the last day of school through Labor Day. We water-skied from morning til night. Uncle Moe often got yelled at for driving the boat too fast. We didn’t care, the faster the better. There were parades of people rotating in and out of the cottage all summer long. As we got older she always welcomed our friends. One time, Mark pulled six of us skiing on the boat. Aunt Mary Lou was on the beach worrying that someone would get hurt but was in awe by the fact we actually did it without killing ourselves. Christmas vacations were spent at a farm-house in Vermont with several other families. We skied and snow-mobiled until we couldn’t feel our toes. Again, Uncle Moe got yelled at for driving the snow-mobiles too fast. Aunt Mary Lou was an accomplished skier herself. She often brought me and some of my cousins to Southington to ski during the winter. Mary Lou spent her entire life taking care of other people. She was the very essence of compassion, of duty, and a symbol of selfless humanity. She opened her heart and her home to all who needed her. Aunt Mary Lou’s compassion and love knew no boundaries. She never gave up on people even when others did. No matter how much trouble we got into, and boy we got into some doozies, she always believed you deserved a second chance- and a third – and a fourth. She believed in the goodness inside of us and hoped we would overcome our short-comings. She spent her life molding us into respectable, loving people with strong family values. She was proud that many of us went on to begin families of our own with those same family values. She picked up countless lost souls in their time of need. And she did it all so quietly, without ever calling attention to herself, never expecting anything in return. And Uncle Moe was there by her side every step of the way. I believe Uncle Moe was that extra reservoir of strength she drew upon when times were tough. Mary Lou had an unfailing sense of service and duty. It was a commitment nourished by her Catholic faith. A faith that told her, as it tells us all that, even the Son of God came into the world as a servant, not as a master. Her spirit was strong; her beliefs even stronger. It’s fitting that we’re in this church celebrating her life today. For it’s in this church she devoted so much of herself. She was a senior member of the Lady’s Guild for many years. She worked tirelessly serving God in the best way she knew how. We came with her to church every Sunday and when we were old enough we served as alter boys. She and Uncle Moe renewed their wedding vows here on their 50th wedding anniversary. Mary Lou watched lovingly as her only son was married here. She participated in countless numbers of weddings, confirmations, communions and baptisms. She became a God-mother here to many children; most recently to John Vitale Jr., her great-nephew. John Jr. and his sister Samantha wrote these words about their beloved Aunt Mary Lou: She was a good person and always thought about others She helped everyone She was funny She played monopoly with me and loved to watch movies with us She was the best aunt in the whole world I love her very much and she loves me too She did everything for me and Samantha She helped me with my homework She was the best Godmother I would rather have her here than be up in heaven I love her very much and I still do and always will. Mary Lou was a child at heart. She loved Mickey Mouse and everything Disney. She had collection after collection of Disney memorabilia and precious moment figurines. Most recently she acquired affection for a crazy dancing penguin named Mumble from the movie Happy Feet. She loved to laugh. Her big, beautiful, blue eyes sparkled with every smile. She had such a great sense of humor. Aunt Mary Lou was very proud of her family. Her grandchildren Preston and Tyler – you were the apple of your grandmother’s eyes. It was a love that can never be measured. If you multiply the highest number you can think of by infinity, you’d still never come close to knowing how much love she had for you and your dad. Always cherish your memories with your grandparents. They will stay with you your entire life. When you least expect it, you will hear their voices in your head guiding you in good times and in bad. Mark, her only son, you were truly your mother’s pride and joy. In the last 18 months, you faced the pain of losing both your parents head-on. A fate none of us would ever imagine or ever be prepared to handle. Yet you were the pillar of strength and proved once again that you are Mary Lou and Moe’s beloved son. They were so very proud of you and your compassion for others. You possess all of the same wonderful qualities of your parents. Know that you will never be alone. Your family is here to pick you up just like your parents did for all of us. Thank you for sharing your parents with us. Aunt Mary Lou today is our chance to say thank you for the way you brightened and enriched our lives. Even though God took you home, where you belong, we still feel cheated that you were taken from us. Yet we are so very grateful that you came along at all. It’s now that we truly appreciate what you’ve done for all of us. We know that life without you will be very, very difficult. You were the glue that held us all together. You were the spirit that guided us through storms and your unconditional love will blanket us all until we meet again in heaven. I can see Uncle Moe waiting for you with his out-stretched arms at the pearly gates with that big “cheshire-cat” grin on his face. Together you can go hand in hand to the Disney World in the sky. Rest in peace, Aunt Mary Lou, your work here is done. The rest is up to us. We will cherish our memories of you forever.

  5. God saw you getting tired, When a cure was not to be. So He wrapped his arms around you, and whispered, .Come to me.. You didn’t deserve what you went through, So He gave you rest. God’s garden must be beautiful, He only takes the best And when I saw you sleeping, So peaceful and free from pain I could not wish you back To suffer that again. Poem by Adam Males

  6. I remember Marylou’s presence at all our family functions since I was young. Her laughter and smile were infectious, and she always had nice things to say about everyone. Although our world will be a bit darker now that she has moved on, She will add to Heaven’s brightness!

  7. I wonder as I wander Out under the sky Why do people I care about Always have to die? Are you happy where you are Wherever that may be I wonder as I wander Do you still think of me is it nice up there in heaven for I know you made it there Are the clouds made of marshmallows Do you still know I care I look up under the winter sky And shed a single tear I think of all the days gone by I’ll always hold you dear I wonder as I wander out under the sky Why do people I care about Always have to die… This poem was found in a book and I liked it very much! Love and Miss

  8. IN LIKE A LION (an original song by Tyler Cohen) We walked into the crowded hospital room, Every single person here is wishing on you, and praying by your side, That you’ll open up your eyes And tell us that it’s going to be allright, But it’s as you would’ve said… He’s got a plan that we may, or may not, understand. So as life and February are coming to an end, This Five o’clock is for last goodbyes And you know we’re going in… Like a lion, Untamed and unkept and unsure And you know we’d be lying If we said we knew what to do now that you’re gone. And the angels say… .Ladies and gentlemen, the captain’s light is on, so start your cheers and hip hoorays ’cause you know we’re headed home. There are no exits on this flight And it’s a one way trip, So let’s crank up some Tony Vee And here’s a lemonchello to sip!. We’re going in like a lion Straight up to the arms of God, And you know we’d be lying If we said you’d have to wait to see the Lord! So how’s the Disney world in heaven? Bet there’s no lines and no fee, And if you are locked out of anything, you know my Grandfather’s got the keys! Oh Mother! Oh sister! Oh Aunt! Oh friend! Oh Giver! Oh hero! Oh Angel! God bless you and keep you forever! You’re going in like a lion Straight into the arms of God, You’re going in like a lion You’re going in like a lion.

  9. Mark Preston, and Tyler i share my deepest condolences to you and the rest of the family. Aunt Mary Lou was the heart of the family and kept us all together when she was here and we will continue to keep this family togethr in the rememberace of her. we love you so much and will always keep you and lesson you have tought us all in our heart. you may be gone but never forgotton. love nettie<3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxoxo

  10. Mark, Our sincere condolences to you and your family in the loss of your beloved mother. May she rest in peace and remain in your heart forever. Keep her love with you always. Best regards, Chris & Dave from NAVA Ski Club

  11. Mark, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May you know of no more sorrow. Please take care of yourself, now for your sons and yourself. Love – Heidi, Beth, and Family.

  12. Mark, Preston & Tylor So sorry we could not be there with you at your time of need. Please accept our sincere condolences. Our prayers are there for you and your family. We have very fond memories of your Mom and Grandmother’s generosity and caring for all of us. Love you.

  13. Mark, Preston and Tyler, You are in our hearts and prayers. Auntie Marylou was a beacon of strength for us all. May we now take what she has taught us and live life to the fullest.

  14. Mark, Tyler, Preston, and extended family, My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. I miss you Aunt Mary Lou! I can’t wait to see you up in heaven. <3

  15. Mary Lou and I have been friends since junior high school. She never changed over the years, always loving and caring for her family and friends. She will be deeply missed by all whose lives she touched. She earned her place in Heaven. Gone but not forgotten. My deepest sympathy to her extended family.

  16. marylou was one of the greatest aunts a neice could ask for, her and uncle moe are missed very much!!! love you aunt marylou, shelley cohen long

  17. Our deepest sympathy to you and your family. You lost your mother and we lost a dear friend. We will keep you in our prayers.

  18. Our thoughts and prayers are with MaryLou’s family and friends. She will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her. Melissa Saville, Paul Pontillo, Frank Atanacio & the Staff of the Concord Group, and the Savin Rock Condominium Board & community.

  19. Our thoughts are with the families through this difficult time. MaryLou will be greatly missed, but her memories will be in our hearts forever.

  20. The Miracle of Frendship There’s a miracle called friendship That dwells within the heart. And you don’t know how it happens Or when it got its start. But the happiness it brings you Always gives a special lift. And you realize that friendship Is God’s precious gift. (author unknown) M ary Lou a treasure to be cherished, A gift from Our Father above; R eaching out and touching us with unconditional love. Y ou filled our lives with laughter, beauity,joy,and grace. L eaving footprints on our hearts. O h! that never can be replaced. U nselfish, loving,a true, dear friend, we’ll always love you. Untill we all walk together in our heavenly home, Love forever, Connie and Alex Ferraro

  21. To The Family Of Mary Lou, I have had the honor of knowing Mary Lou and Morris Cohen since High School.Mary Lou was a very caring person and showed alot of Empathy toward other people.She made me feel welcome to be present at all functions I attended.I will miss her energetic smile and zest for life!To the Family and friends,I extend my heartfelt sympathy. Delores Perkins Egan Hillhouse Class of 1954

  22. We remember MaryLou as a thoughtful and caring person. She was always there when needed and gave 1000 percent of herself to family and friends. We will miss her.

  23. We share our deepest sympathy and you are in our thoughts and prayers.You will be missed by your family and friends…

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