Meeting an Incredibly Kind New Neighbor!

  1. Litetle did I expect, when I moved to Haverford street, that I would meet one of the kindest, most generous women I would ever know. For almost the two decades that I had the privilege to know Nancy, I watched her adopt “unadoptable” elderly dogs, one after the next, and give them a loving home. As a “dog mom” myself, I was awed by her cheerful reports of “walking the streets at 2 AM last night” because her latest pup had tummy problems! And I know she sometimes cooked meals to order for her dogs who couldn’t otherwise have eaten. After one of her many dogs inevitably died, I wrote her a sympathy note saying that I thought there must be a special place in heaven for people like her. I’m still sure that’s true! If I can summon the strength I hope I can follow her example, now that I’m so elderly myself. She left an incredible example.

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